Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As of today, June 8th, I have been at Ogilvy for ONE YEAR!

I talk about my life in this blog... but truth is the majority of my time is spent in a white cubicle inside of a 12-story converted chocolate factory in Hell's Kitchen, otherwise known as Ogilvy. I've never posted about work, so with this very important milestone, it only seems natural to pay tribute.

To start I need to introduce (or reintroduce) Stella, my spitfire Ogilvy sidekick. This post is going to have to use the words "we" and "ours" rather than "me" and "my", so introducing her is key. In fact, my boss told me that in the private work reviews/objectives that we all turned in earlier this month, Stella unknowingly referred to herself as "we" and never once referred to herself as an individual. haha. Fitting.

For starters, we spend way too much time at lunch people-watching the same people day after day... check out the snoozer in the background of the picture below. That can NOT be comfortable.
Also, we are really productive with the whiteboards. We were concepting for Lapband last Fall and came up with the two brilliant ideas you'll see below, and the one on the top right is Stella and my joint drawing of what our bodies look like from behind on a subway. We are amazing art directors.
A few times we have extended our friendship beyond the factory to go on adventures in her home borough, Queens. This always is followed by a ridiculous slumber party and then trekking the hour and a half into work together the next day, both wearing her clothes and not in good moods due to our lack of sleep. This particular night we made a stop at the famous globe outside the Queens museum and took approximately 150 pictures. Of which, we ended up with 3 pictures that aren't terrible.
Ogilvy has themed parties on the rooftop on a regular basis. This is my favorite thing about this building. It may be quite the trek from the subway, but the view from the roof is enough to offset that annoyance. And being able to get an hour of sun during lunch every day is a life saver.
And just for good measure, I HAVE to mention the fact that I won first place in the Ogilvy bake-off earlier this year with this fruit pizza. I spent 40 bucks and three hours on this bad boy, and then won a fifty dollar gift certificate as my prize. Note to self: not worth it. Especially since everyone was acusing me of buying it at the store.

Okay, so unfortunately I don't tend to whip the camera out during moments of actual normal work, so now you all are going to think I have the most fun job ever and that I am a terrible employee. I swear that is not the case. But I will tell you one thing, this ain't no accounting job. Plus, Stella and I know how to whistle while we work.

So... yeah. Here's to finishing the first year of my advertising career, no matter how work-less it may appear in this post!


Lauren Kay said...

Best line: "But I will tell you one thing, this ain't no accounting job." How horrible to be an accountant. Why are half our friends doing that?? How did we get normal?

stephanie Williams said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Carly, you rock and Olgilvy is lucky to have YOU!

Momma G

Angie said...

Your job does look pretty awesomely fun. This was a fun post!