Wednesday, April 21, 2010


You may wonder how I attempt to make the most out of everyday living in New York City (I'm sure you're not but I was needing a lead-in)... the truth is, I don't do a whole lot of interesting things in my everyday life. Just lots of movies and restaurants. But when I travel or have visitors, I have a ball. It is an excuse to spend a little money, eat a lot of food, and then spend a little more money on a little more food.

When Ashley and her mom came into town a little bit ago, for once having a visitor didn't break my pocketbook. They treated me to one of the most fun weeks of the winter, and it came at a perfect time. I was so glad they came. We went to see two plays (Mary Poppins- not great, A Little Night Music-very worth seeing), ate at delicious restaurants, and helped them brave the streets of Chinatown. Ashley and I slipped right back into our ridiculous teenage selves at times, and got a few blank stares... including those from her mother... haha

I also get to have a good time every here and there when I leave the city, and especially love my trips to DC. I feel another one coming on soon...

Last time I went to DC I won the most money of anyone all night on the Roulette table. And by "money" I mean "fake money" and by "fake money" I mean "worthless." Just sayin.
There is so much to see and do here, and it is when I take a little trip or have a visitor that I really find myself living it up. What I am trying to say is: COME VISIT ME AND GIVE ME ANOTHER EXCUSE!


Angie said...

How fun! i totally know what you mean about not doing anything until someone comes to town. We are just the same way. People are like, "Wow, you live in NYC, you must have the most glamorous life!" but really we just eat dinner at home and watch a Netflix most nights. Haha. It is always fun to play tourist when visitors come into town. That picture of you guys with the Mary Poppins thing is cracking me up - I love it!!

lindseylovesZARA said...

i WILL come visit and i WILL give you another excuse! soon!!!

Liney said...

wow lindsay got a picture on your blog.. one day I might be cool enough to have a debut! :)

Rustino Scar said...

you are so funny! Who knew you were so educated in gambling?!?! not judging. haha. kind of.
I'll give you an excuse to have a fun time. We'll keep it tight together!