Sunday, November 29, 2009


Before I get into how wonderful my weekend in DC was, I'd like to take you back with me to a very emotionally trying incident which occurred yesterday at the Restoration Hardware in Georgetown.

Lauren thought it would be a fun game to play with the magic 8 ball that was, for some mysterious reason, being sold at Restoration Hardware. I mean, yeah. When is a magic 8 ball NOT fun? She had every right to make such an assumption.

Lauren: "Will I ever get married?"
Blue Triangle in 8 Ball: "Most Likely."

Lauren: "Will Carly ever get married?"
Blue Triangle: "My sources say no."

Lauren: "Will Lisa ever get married?"
Blue Triangle: "Definitely yes."

{Not cool, ball. What did I ever do to you?}

Lauren, second try: "Will Carly ever get married?"
Blue Triangle: "Doubtful."

Lauren (now thoroughly entertained): "Will Carly die a virgin?"
Damn Blue Triangle: "Most certainly"

Lauren, searching for redemption as she feels my mood begin to plummet : "WILL CARLY EVER MARRY???"
The Little Devil Ball: "Definitely no."

After about 4 more frantic shakes in search of a promising answer, the best we received was, "Try again." At least that left some room for hope! But, no. We tried again, and BOOM! No again. So after an evening and following day of convincing myself that my Patriarchal blessing is more accurate than a magic 8 ball, I say screw you, magic 8 ball. I hope you are given to a really naughty boy this christmas who throws you down the stairs to see if you bounce.

FYI, 8 ball, you won't bounce.


Momma G said...

Note to Carly- the 8 ball was obviously confused....when Lauren said" will Carly get married", it thought she said "will Carly meet Larry"? Who would want to date a "Larry"?
Stupid 8 ball!

Lauren Kay said...

BAAAHHHHahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Funniest night ever! I'm so sorry Carly! I will never ask that question to the Magic 8 ball again! But still, it was really funny... And Momma G is probably right, stay away from Larrys. (That was also the term we used on my mission to call drunks/homeless guys on the street... Bad news.) Still, it's so funny!

Thanks for coming! I can't wait to see pictures!!

Annie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I second Lauren's boisterous laugh. Magic 8 balls: who needs em? It's still so funny.

Rachel Price said...

Um...stumbled across your blog and you're HILARIOUS! Loves.