Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Joshua Radin is so good. Do you know his music? If not, please listen to this song, and this song, and this song... and then keep listening to more, because all of it is just wonderful. I went to his concert a few weeks ago, and it turned out to be for the taping of his live DVD. I can't decide if it was because I was in the audience or because of the DVD that he decided to put on such an exceptional concert, but I tend to gravitate toward the former. When he played his encore, out of the entire concert hall, guess where he decided to stand? Check out the video below. Yep. I know: it is almost too much to handle, but it's true. I was deeply in love with the man by the time I walked out of the doors.


I am such a lucky girl. Have I mentioned that lately?


Annie said...

I share your obsession with Joshua Radin. I take every chance possible to convert every one I know. Words cannot describe how jealous I am that you were there. SO JEALOUS!

Angie said...

Wow, I hadn't listened to him but he's so good! Thanks for the tip! And that is SO COOL that he played right next to you. Amazing! You will always remember the awesome experiences you've had in New York!