Saturday, September 26, 2009



A few weeks ago I went to see the Tyra Show with Casey, Angie, Kelsey, and Chateau, and I must say that I will never support that show again! (Except by watching the Vaseline episode on youtube over and over again, of course) First and foremost, the girl is a wench! (I was going for some dramatic effect in my choice of words—hope it worked.) She acted like she was on a no-audience set and never even glanced at us! She seems like she's a girl's girl on film, but she is only aiming that charisma at a camera, not the crowd! She didn't welcome us, she didn't smile at us, she CERTAINLY didn't come in dancing. Let me tell you what, she is no Ellen. She was very snobby during commercial cuts and didn't even show the volunteers who came up on stage to be part of a competition so much as a fierce look.

ALSO, we filmed all of our reactions before the show as they were feeding us emotions to act out. Here's what went down:

Fat Flamboyant Guy: Okay now act like she just said something you agree with.
Carly: nodding in focused approval
FFG: Nod even more now. Look at your neighbor like, "oh yeah Tyra's got that right."... Even more. Big nods!
Carly: Looks over at Casey now agreeing to some unknown thing as if her life depends on it.
FFG: okay now start cracking up hysterically....
...AND SO ON...

So, what I'm trying to say is, if you happen to watch Tyra on whatever day I end up on the show, and I am agreeing with abortion or adultery or wearing no underwear or anything like that, please do not judge me. I was merely acting as best I could in order to end up on daytime television. That is everyone's life goal, right?! After seeing how big of a diva Tyra is, I definitely lost any respect I ever had. But on a brighter note, I had a good time with the girls! Chateau was stuck sitting with the dudes on the other side of the audience because this show happened to be a boy vs. girl game show. Lame! Poor guy.


lindseylovesZARA said...

wow. this post just confirmed my already hate-like feelings toward tyra! thank you.

Casey said...

ugh. tyra. 'nuff said.

Jennifer Garrison said...

umm...did i tell you about when i saw her in magnolia bakery last year?! she was SO rude. this just confirms it for me.

Brenda Chela said...

Whoa, great post. I thought i loved miss tyra banks. But you have changed that opinion. She always looks like she's so friendly to guests...guess not....haha, oprah on the other hand was pretty nice when I went. ps. you look adorable in that picture.