Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This weekend I'm going back to the land of best friends, above-ground transportation, and the lemon-berry cream slush.  I'm so happy I could cry. I've missed it so.
(I am aware that this picture was taken in Oregon, not Utah, but what matters is the people not the place.  And right now, all that matters is that I will see their faces in ONE DAY!) Like I said, I. could. cry.

Also, totally beside the point, can we please take a moment to be grateful for high-quality cameras which we are all so blessed with, because the picture above was taken from a disposable, and it SHOWS!


Angie said...

I am so jealous!! I hope you have the best weekend. Every day on my way to work on the train, I have fantasies about skipping my stop and going all the way to JFK. And flying to Utah. You will have so much fun!

Abbie said...

Wohoo! I get her all to myself for a whole weekend, I am the luckiest girl there ever was. I love my Carly the mostest!

Abbie said...

Oh and I know that I am the one picking you up from the airport but I don't know when your plane gets in, and to top it off I have lost my phone so maybe you will have to call/text dan....I know, typical.

Annie said...

I will miss being there with you SOOOO much! I love you and I miss being in Provo with you! I even miss being woken up by your loud phone alarm and your fake homemade rice and your late night sleeping habits! Have fun this weekend! Eat 2 servings of sweet potato fries for both of us!

Lindsay said...

So excited for you.

and p.s. I always laugh when i look back on my pictures...i mean disposable? ....really, come on!