Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Magnolia or Crumbs? Crumbs or Magnolia? It is such a pressing topic, as I'm sure you can imagine, that I find myself smack dab in the middle of cupcake banter at least once a week.

So here is my stance, once and for all:

OBVIOUSLY Crumbs, as faithful Keep It Tight readers should remember from an earlier post, is FAR better than Magnolia's. But my opinion's validity is plagued by my lack of multi-year experience, so I will borrow Rustin's validated view of the saga:

"Magnolia DOES have good banana bread pudding, though. If they just took their cupcakes and SOAKED them in the pudding, they might be edible."
-Rustin Reidhead, multi-year opinion-maker


Lauren Kay said...

I feel I need to weigh in on this matter. I had Crumbs, and I had Magnolia within the space of 24 hours. (Yep, I know, excessive.) And although Crumbs was delicious I was happier with the Magnolia cupcakes. They were more moist. I don't like dry cake.

BUT, when you come to DC, we found a place that has bigger cupcakes than the famous Georgetown Cupcakes and they're moist, AND they're a dollar cheaper than Georgetown. Now THAT is a good sign.

But, I'm planning on making an assessment of Crumbs and Magnolia next time I come.

Lindsay said...

oh my gosh! There is ABSOLUTELY no comparison when it comes to this topic. Crumbs is unbeatable. I find myself dreaming of them at night here in utah.

Angie said...

Crumbs, hands DOWN. the Magnolia cupcakes I tried were nothing special. And even a little dry. And the frosting was too sugary. Every time I've had Crumbs, every flavor I've tried, has been amazing.

Casey said...

crumbs. crumbs. crumbs. how dare you weigh your options!

Rustino Scar said...

I am the famed Rustin Reidhead. I approve this message.

Rustino Scar said...

only, it is banana pudding, not banana-bread pudding. Bread pudding is disgusting. BUT banana pudding is delicious. I i'm going to retract my validation of your quote until corrected.

Anonymous said...

Wish I knew which cupwake was which because I would vote for the larger one!