Saturday, May 23, 2009


This is Brad's CR-V, "Scrat," that drove through 40 miles of river and deep mud. Twice.
That's the puddle that formed over night right where we decided to pitch our tent.
These were our faces after a night of rain, mud, sopping sleeping bags, 
and needless to say, no sleep.
This was the river that we miraculously floated through.
These are the other cars in the group... cars MEANT for this sort of thing.
This is how relieved/h-core we felt when we finally made it out safe.
And this is Scrat's finest hour.
 If it weren't for Scrat's endurance and agility, 
we'd still be stuck on a long dirt road in Escalante. 
Thanks little guy.


Lauren Kay said...

Ha! That was hilarious! Your faces, the thought of sleeping in a puddle, the car, the "hells ya it's a honda". Pure gold Carly, pure gold.

Billy Reano said...

That splash was major!

ps. so, did honda pay you to post that?

Amy Jane said...

Hi Carly...this is Amy Christensen...I love love love those pictures! What a day/night that was. I am still finding red dirt in the oddest places. I hope all your cleaning and packing and such is going well. If you need any help let me know--I am unemployed and free to help :)