Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Shower a Day...

While we’ve been spending the last few days sitting inside the hotel lobby---which, let me go ahead and correct the mental image you get when you hear “hotel lobby” by telling you that this hotel lobby is more like a hot dorm clubhouse with fold out chairs and tables, mosquitoes, and stray dogs coming in and out as they please--- as I was saying, while we spent the last few days in the hotel lobby trying to stay away from the heat, I thought that the DR was hot, but not too too hot. OH no. Today when we spent the day outside and at the school we'll be working in I found out it’s not hot. That would be far too much of an understatement. I’m not sure there is a word to describe how hot I was today, but hopefully by saying that I have been showering everyday for the first time in about 8 years (those of you who know me know how big of a feat that is) you can begin to understand. It is HOT. I was dripping sweat even directly under a fan and not moving a muscle. I came here more worried about teaching Spanish, but now I am more worried that I am going to go mental one day and sprint out of the classroom in the direction of the beach.


stephanie said...

Hey Carly Girl,
It's so awesome to get to see and hear about your trip! Although I'm not sure I like the Local guys style of flirting. I don't quite get it and I guess either do they. lol
Kris and Chea left today. We had lots of fun.
How is the work going? How are the students?
Stay cool.
I love you and miss you.

Lauren Kay said...

Oh Carly, I TOTALLY relate! We just got back from Egypt, and I was a sweaty mess before 8 am. I have NEVER been so hot in my entire life. I wanted to die. Sounds like you're having so much fun! Lots of love from the Middle East! --Lauren