Thursday, June 26, 2008

Off to the DR at last!

I head off on Saturday to go to the Dominican Republic and I am SOOOO excited! Although I tried to speak Spanish with the two people who were cleaning our house this morning (because they don't speak much English and heaven knows I need the practice) and I was having trouble with the most basic words and pretty much made a fool of myself. k well that is a bit of an exaggeration, but anxiety caught hold nonetheless. Not to mention the fact that I have yet to pack, shop, or do anything that would considered part of the preparation process. Whoops. And was I supposed to get some immunizations? ...probably should have had that figured out a while ago... double whoops. wow, this sure is helping my anxiety; I'm SO glad I decided to make this post! Moving on...

So, I was unaware until recently that the hotel we are staying in is, like, legit. I am not sure why I was expecting anything else, but apparently we get our room cleaned everyday with fresh sheets and towels, and the place we are staying is super cute and seems really nice! Check out these pics I found online:

We each have a little bathroom and kitchen in our room... I'm pretty much gonna be livin the high life. haha... okay no. add a couple spiders and misquitos to the picture and it'll be a little more acurate. Also, we got our roommate assignments and I am very happy- I am rooming with Rachel Price who I really like and get along well with... although I would probably say that about all the girls... but still, I was very excited when I read that. I can't believe I leave saturday!!! I'm going to try to keep posting while I'm there and put up pictures and stuff so don't leave my blog hangin! you gotta comment cuz when I know people are reading it I tend to write a lot more often. Hope everyone is having a fun, mono-free summer!


.kaitlyn.ruth.brown. said...

ok first of all!!!!! SO JEALOUS about the DR. you're so gnarly... that why i voted for you for artz!!! anywho, you rock my world, i wish we got to chill more. i have a blog to... lets be blog buddies!!! whoot whoot, where did you get you cute blog background, mine sucks im so bad at amking it cute, help me art girl!!!! write me lots.

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Anonymous said...

Wait one minute... hotel? pool? I thought you were going to do something worthwhile. I hope your dad doesn't find out.

Anonymous said...

You have nothing to worry about cause I heard your dad is chill.

Carly said...

um excuse me something tells me that mr./mrs. anonymous IS my dad...?

Anonymous said...

your chill dad may not be jiggy but I bet the old man will miss you a lot.