Sunday, July 6, 2008

La Republica Dominicana!!!

So here are a couple of pictures from my first week here... they all are just of us having fun and stuff because we haven't started working with the kids yet. Tomorrow is our first day of camp. This first picture is of the whole group that came here from BYU on July 4th when we went to the "U2 Tribute" concert on the beach. It was the most fun 4th of July of my life. The other day we went on a hike and all the sudden we came across this big hole on the side of the trail which was a massive cave full of fresh water. So as you can see we went for a little swim...
This is some of us in an ice cream place on the beach. There are tons of restaurants on the beach that are really nice and touristy, but it's sad because there is sooooo much poverty that is hidden behind that main street along the beach and tourists get such a false sense of what really goes on here.


K Daddio said...

Ok I will be te first one to coment and say... LUCKY!