Sunday, October 25, 2009


I've been down on New York.

I don't know; it may just be the weather, or just the loneliness, or just the college withdrawals, or just the cost of living, or just the distance from EVERYone. But I have a good feeling that it's a nasty mixture of all of the above, and some. There just doesn't seem to be much that makes all the downsides worth it these days. I initially came here to have all the most amazing advertising agencies at my fingertips, and I am at Ogilvy, but working on pharmaceuticals is getting less and less "fine for now" by the day. And the 45-minute subway/freezing rain-trudge commute to get to this not-so-fine-for-now job isn't improving the matter one bit.

SO. I treated myself to a little jaunt over to the upside of living in New York. Here's what I did to remind myself of why I am paying a crucial organ to be living here:

1. Saw "In the Heights" on Broadway with Kaite Ray (weird to say RAY!).
2. Saw Colbie Caillat, Howie Day, and Trevor Hall in concert.
3.Went to Shake Shack 3 times, AND gave the famous Burger Joint a try.
4. Saw Wicked for FREE! with Kaite again... and we got to meet lots of the cast after the show!
{this is the girl who plays ELFABA, the wicked witch!}

As you can see, I did a pretty good job of comforting myself this past week and a half. But before you get all jealous of my fun city life and whatnot, let me just add that although there are not pictures of this part of my life, I worked till 2am on Monday night, until 8 or 9 almost every other night, and then had to work all day Saturday until the play at 8pm. So its not all fun and games. But yeah, life can pretty fun here... all I needed was a little Guh-linda and Elfaba to cheer me up!


Lauren Kay said...

If you ever want to chat about post college withdrawals and grown-up life adjustment just give me a call! I'm havin' em too! Also, I like that you're friends with Erin. I love her. That's all, and I love you! And Thanksgiving couldn't come sooner!

Momma G said... realy know how to break a mommas heart.
Hang in there-you CAN do it! or...just come home :). XoOOOOO

Angie said...

I've definitely had a love/hate relationship with the weather lately. One day I love it, the next I'm like, "I HATE New York!" Not to mention the fact that Klane just had a similar work week to yours. Bummer. I think it ridiculous that your hours are always that long though. It should be the exception, and not the rule.

But your week looked so fun! Ohhh Shake Shack. And two plays?! So jealous you got to meet castmembers of Wicked. That is amazing. I'm curious what you thought of In The Heights, was it good? I think nothing will ever be as good as Wicked, but I've heard a lot of people liked In The Heights. We weren't sure if it would have questionable material in it for my fourteen year old brother to see, or else we would've gone while my parents were here.

ashley toocooforschool wright said...

if you eva wanna chat i pulease call me. im also on skype: 'scuzmecanihaveyonumba' - i want to hear more about oligvy. (ya i spelled that wrong.) also about that thing we talked about that one time.

ps youre like WAY good at blogging. wow. and youre very funny. high five.ehhhhhh.
sorry that came out wrong. i know youre funny. but like you have a great writing voice? its nice. a strong narration like that i feel would get you half way into mr hegartys pant.s

oh yea. i WENT there.

Ashley said...

the winter weather in new york is no fun BUT the holiday season is aMaZiNg here...only a few weeks away until the tree at rockefeller, 5th avenue window decorations, ice skating, and tons of other things

oh yeah the halloween parade in a few days is so entertaining you will forget about any bad things that happened this week

Emma said...

CARLICARD! so yeah, if you get down on nyc again, just take a jaunt across the pond to the city of lights! but do it soon. and then when i get down on paris, i'll come to the big apple, eh? sounds great.

Lindsay Koelling said...

I totally understand that ups and downs of NYC. Pat would kill you if he knew you werent enjoying advertising life in NYC because he wants to be back there so bad! I always says we should have stayed...and seeing you have all that fun makes me think we should have as well.

Kent Breard III said...

come downstairs and i will make you forget everything but how awesome NYC is.

.kaitlyn.ray. said...

"No... the blues are because you're getting fat or because it's been raining too long. You're just sad, that's all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of. "When I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump into a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away."

Next on our list... a trip to Tiffany's and a large helping of New Moon!

ps email our wicked pics :)