Sunday, August 2, 2009


Last night I dragged Casey, Todd, Angie, and Klane along with me on a major NYC checklist outing.  We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and went to Grimaldi's and the ice cream shop under the bridge, and as antsy as I was during the TWO HOUR wait at Grimaldi's, it was amAzing.
After the long wait, we stood at the door being taunted by the proximity of dinner, in take-off position.
Photos courtesy of Casey and Angie

It felt great to stick it to the man and finally take a break from working. Saturday nights are supposed to be fun right??? It seems I had forgotten that for the past few weeks. Wow it hasn't taken long for me to become a workaholic, has it? Gosh darn it I'm doomed.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun, Carly ! BTW- you look MARVELOUS !

Love and miss you, can't wait to see you.

Momma G

Angie said...

Haha, we weren't dragged, it was so fun! I'm glad we went, Grimaldi's was on my list too. Now we've got to try that place your friend went to that was supposed to be so amazing.