Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I didn't exactly get the best welcome weather, so I was a little nervous that it might be symbolic of the coming months...  
But as soon as the week's touristy adventures began, I was assured that darkness and gloom would not be in the cards for me this summer, regardless of the weather.
Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Battery Park.  Audio tours and all.
Magnolia Bakery and the most delicious cupcake I've ever had.  Apparently there are better places around, but I'm not a local yet, so we stuck to the "touristiest" places in town since I only had a week of it before real life began.
We paid a smelly guy to bike us around Central Park (which I am obsessed with) and it was the most beautiful day and the most beautiful park I've ever seen.  The biker guy took us the wrong way through a car-only road and we had about 10 cars piling up behind us, honking and getting ticked.  Haha, quite the mini-adventure.
The Metropolitan Museum: a must-see... I could spend months in here.
Broadway play, of course.  Fun, but a little disappointing since casts in San Diego could have shown this cast up in a heartbeat.  Still fun, though.
Top of the Empire State Building at 1am.  After an hour and a half of waiting in line and twenty dollars admission for each of us, we felt a little ripped, but it was beautiful, and now I can say I've done it, so [once I got a little sleep] I was glad we did it.
We fit tons of other stuff in, but I'd say these were the touristy highlights.  Shopping of course made the list of to-do's for the week, So-ho being my favorite of all.


Michon said...

Mary Poppins is great (30 bucks great!) also check out shake shack (madison square park one) and if you love central park there is a little food place by the baseball fields that has FABULOUS grilled cheese. i will think of more soon.

Casey Matheny said...

Oh my touristy bff, I shall show you the ways of NYC and be your light in this dark city!! JK LOVE IT AND LOVE YOU! Can't wait to play

Angie said...

Oh how fun! You guys are so so cute! Okay best cupcake in the city is in the East Village at Butter Lane. Oh my goodness. It is amazing. Go with Casey, she lives around there. It's on 7th street just East of First Avenue. While you're there go to Caracas Arepa Bar because it's got delicious food. I am done now. But hey welcome to the city! Glad you're liking it! Your apartment building looks super super nice!!

Annie said...

Your hair is totally cute. I'm glad you're having fun!

Natalie* said...

sister, so nice to meet you.
welcome to the big bad city.

glad you saw the mama mia.
my bf, brandi is SOPHIE!

let me know if you need anything!