Sunday, June 21, 2009


This picture is the ultimate portrayal of my favorite memories with my dad.  I will forever remember the times when he'd come and jump up and down on my bed in the morning screaming "Nothin to worry about!" or when he'd act like a gangster while listening to some Usher out on the boat, or the times (as seen above) when he'd entertain us all with his weird raptor impressions or hilarious dance moves.  He also has always wanted to do everything he can to help me delve farther into my passions, including supporting my art, taking me to scrapbook fairs, taking me to see Broadway plays, getting me the best violin on the market, paying for all sorts of lessons (dance, wake boarding, art, golf, violin, gymnastics, cheer, etc.) and more.  My dad's sense of humor and his support of my passions are two things that I will never forget and things that I hope my kids will get to equally enjoy someday when he's their grandpa! Happy Father's Day, Dad! Thanks for making me laugh all these years and supporting me in the things I love!


Anonymous said...

Thank you my darling princess.

Rie said...

i like your blog carly!
your life is fabulous.