Wednesday, June 10, 2009


You are not going to believe my life right now when I give you a run down of my city life. It is unreal how perfect it has been.  Absolutely unreal.  I'll try to keep it brief, but I am a woman of many words, so that is not so easy...

{First Day of work}
Ogilvy's new office is far from a subway station, so I started the morning with quite a long commute, half subwaying it up with all the wall street professionals, and half walking with more professionals.  I felt legit.
When I showed up to orientation, I was so happy to see a room full of people my age, all seeming to be people I'd love to befriend.  And maybe not better, but also very good news: a delicious catered breakfast. (Which I was then told would be served every morning, along with free lunch as well.)
Orientation was good, and I met some people who I really liked and ate lunch with.  Then we were split up into our areas, so I got placed with an art director and copywriter from Healthworld.  They were both hilarious and helpful and made me feel very comfortable.  Then I designed a logo in 2 hours that got approval to go to the client (very good way to start the first day, I thought). So things were great, and while other interns were complaining, I only had good things to say. I felt super lucky.
Then I rode the subway home with one of my new coworkers and then decided that it would be a great time for a run. I found a bike/running path that went along the East River which separates Manhattan and Brooklyn.  It went right along the water and created the BEST running environment I could possibly have hoped for. 
As I ran back up to my apartment, everyone was being held back by security guards across my street, and there were paparazzi and a red carpet and all these black cars next to my building.  I had to get to my apartment, so (in my running clothes, of course) I was allowed into the middle of it all, and basically wined and dined with (aka stood three feet from) Molly Sims and all these other stars like it was no thang! 
I went up to my apartment but then realized that I was a fool for rushing through so quickly, so I went back down.  There, I coincidently ran into bff&e Casey and her posse! That added even more to the magic of this night. Then, we saw an Escalade come around the corner and boom! Out of the car pops Jimmy Fallon and instantly Casey's little sister, Sydney popped into his arms like it was meant to be and snapped the picture below, which I so rudely ruined for her, but so wonderfully enriched for myself. haha I am such a creeper! Such a good moment to capture, though.
Then we walked down to the pier after sunset and played on the dock.  Got some ice cream. Todd asked a police officer to stop cussing (also a great moment).  And then we danced into the night. Well not really, but we did sing some broadway in the streets for everyone to enjoy. Casey is particularly talented; you should ask her for a performance if you get the chance.  So as you can tell, I couldn't have asked for a better first day.

{Second day on the job}
I won't go into as much detail, but just know that my second day entailed going to the recording studio where John Mayer and a bunch of other artists recorded their recent albums, sat in a throne (aka super comfy big leather chair), was fed free food and drinks, and listened to a quartet record music for a commercial all day.  Talk about livin it up. I thought interns had it rough??? I guess I should be careful what I ask for, but this day was so far above what most interns or even full-times could expect to get to do.  I was so lucky, once again.  Everything seems to be workin out just right, and I am very happy to say it.


Annie said...

Your life is so surreal! Who could have predicted life in NY would be so awesome? I'm glad there is hope for us having a phone conversation soon! Love.

Abbie said...

Goodness I am so so excited for you I can hardly stand it! I just love you more than you know and I am seriously considering a ticket to come and be near you...if only i had a rich benefactor who could pay my way!

Kirsten said...

Well aint you just livin the life! Looks fantastic. I'm glad you're so happy.

Jeff & Hailey Peterson said...

Wow Carly! I love catching up on your blog! Your apartment puts mine from last year to shame! I hope NYC life continues to be so wonderful!

Lauren Kay said...

Oh my! I love the Jimmy Fallon picture. Creeper is right, but at least you're a cute creeper right?

Brenda Chela said...

That's so cool! Sounds like NYC is really treating you well!

Mom said...

I'm so glad you are having fun in the Big Apple. I don't want to intimidate you but I will be following your adventures thru this blog. Have fun, and as I always tell my kids "remember who you are!"

XOXO, Syndea

Jennifer Garrison said...

like freaking like, no fair. jimmy fallon is so cool--you should have told me to come downstairs with you.