Wednesday, May 13, 2009


If anyone reading this ever goes to Texas and is near Kemah, I would highly suggest taking a little trip to this area right along the water. There were rides, barbecues, snow cones, shops, and live music... pretty much amazing in every way. This roller coaster that you see in the distance here may look innocent, but no no, my friend. Utter terror took me over as we plummeted down its drops and turns. With only a tiny waste seat belt to hold me in, this was the best coaster thrill I've had in years, and I'm no wussy... even the X at Six Flags can leave me yawning.

We went on a ferris wheel and a little train ride and played in the fountains and had a jolly time in the sun. Next stop was the beach in Galveston to play in the waves and get a little color, and then back to Houston for Pappasito's where I experienced the best fajitas in the entire world. I've been craving it ever since.


lindseylovesZARA said...

Carly, why yous got to be hatin' on the X like that?

Casey Matheny said...

I'm so jealous you played in Tejas without me. Wish I could have been there. FYI, it's Galveston love, Galveston.

Stephy Sue said...

I love Texas too!! I always knew it was a geat place to live, but I always thought it would be boring to visit...I'm so glad you proved me wrong! One more thing to add to my Texas pride:).

It's Galveston...but Cali has prettier beaches than Texas...that's the one thing missing from that state:). Soooo jealous you got to go there!

Oh, and I just discovered you have a blog, so I hope you don't mind me looking!:)

Stephy Sue said...

Oh...and Pappasito's IS amazing! They are kown for their Tex-Mex!:) I'm soooo homesick