Wednesday, May 13, 2009


There is a really nice outdoor mall right near where Cathryn and Alex live, so the last night we walked around there, got some Coldstone, Cathryn and I did a little sisterly bonding in Bath and Body Works, saw Star Trek (that deserves its own post), and watched a water show (like a mini version of Bellagio). I hope that every mall starts to be built in the same way that this one was... it felt more like a beautiful park than a shopping center.  Loved it.


Annie said...

I'm leaving a comment this time. Don't worry. I'm still stalking you. Love.

Angie said...

looks like you had SUCH a fun time in texas! i never would've thought i would want to visit there, of all places, but now i sort of really want to go! looks like an awesome trip. and it was good to see you, at the airport, of all places. :)

Brad said...

Isn't Texas sick? Love it. We were only there for about 24 hrs a few weeks ago, but I'm going back someday.