Saturday, April 11, 2009


If anyone feels stuck in a Provo bubble, I have a great idea for you. Go to a Hottub/TingTings Concert at In the Venue in Salt Lake and you will find yourself in the middle of quite a different scene. Casey and I may have been the only straight pair in the room... I think we got our share of people-watching in for the next century. But the Ting Tings and Hottub (a girl rap group with hairy armpits and cheetah spandex) were pretty much amazing and the sweaty fat guy dancing in front of me was even better. Overall, an amazing night in the city with my g who is about to move to the REAL city. Gonna miss her.


Casey Matheny said...

You forgot to mention the flailing monkey in front of you. And I'm not going to lie, those two gay guys really turned me on... just sayin'.

Billy Reano said...

for some reason, I have to ask...did the sweaty fat guy have good dancing moves?