Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rockin the Cornrows

So I had the most ridiculous afternoon of my life yesterday when I decided to get my hair braided with extensions by one of my students. I just got so excited about the fact that I could get extensions and have my long hair back that all my good judgment went right out the door and I took off to her house. That is not a big deal because we go to their houses all the time; it's safer than it sounds because they basically all live on one street and you can't really go in their house because... well... there is no "in." They basically live in one room huts with dirt or cement floors and it is completely open to the outside. So I think that the major flaw in my plan was that I trusted her "it'll take a half an hour" prediction. I knew better than to believe that, but I didn't realize that it was going to take FOUR HOURS!

To make a very long story short: I had a baby pee on me, ants were crawling all over me and biting me, a woman was sitting right in front of me without a shirt on while feeding her baby, three random women were tugging at my hair in every different direction, a random man was laughing at the faces I was making because I was in so much pain, there were three different blaring radios within a ten foot radius of where I was sitting, mosquitoes were eating me alive, a chicken walked straight across my feet, and pieces of my nappy weave were getting wrapped around every inch of my body. Needless to say I was out of my comfort zone. My head still hurts.


Annie said...

I love the cornrows! You're a babe.