Thursday, June 5, 2008

You Can All Thank Lauren For This...

So Lauren tagged me, and now I have another excuse to stay up later, so I'm accepting the challenge.  Here I go:

What I was doing 10 years ago:
1998... getting my braces adjusted or something incredibly dorky like that...? haha okay maybe that was a little more recent.  I would have been 10 years old, fast asleep in my room in Indiana... Beauty and the Beast nightgown, exposing my Precious Moment underwear most likely.  Those were great underwear...

What I was doing 5 years ago:
2003... I was a sophomore in high school.  Not exactly the glory days. At this time I was probably over-achieving, staying up late to finish some meaningless project that I took to the extreme (when a poster alone was required, you better believe I made it pop-up, 3-D, and at times musical).  Then I'd set my alarm for 4:45am for seminary.  Who needs sleep anyway? Some things never change.

What I was doing 5 months ago:
January-ish of this year? I was adjusting to life with a bed of my own, a closet, and a desk... ah the luxuries of Brookview!  haha I couldn't have been more happy to have just moved my stuff from a dream condo to the dump otherwise known as Brookview.  What was I thinkin anyway? jk- no regrets there.  people over place, always.  Also I was just starting my Advertising Program, the combo of my own bed and the most fun major I could have imagined was giving me the kind of perma-grin that makes a face ache.

5 Things on my To-Do List** Today:
Since it's 2:50am, I'll say my list for tomorrow...
1. Sleep the mono off (also take the 8 required pills... all at once)
2. Get sushi?  that just popped into my head and i liked the sound of it.
3. Illustrate 5 more pages of the children's book i'm illustrating, "Forgetful James." (he's not the only one who's forgetful, I've been trying to check this one off the list for weeks now.)
4. Fax the forms I've been needing to send for the Dominican Republic Dream Project... oops, they were due June 2nd.
5. Make Pizookie.  anyone care to join?
**this list may seem to have a pathetic lack of substance and accomplishment, but keep in mind that I've taken off work for the week for the mono-recovery project, so my days aren't exactly chuck-full of to-do's.

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
1. The cake-y cookies at the grocery store that are smothered in pink cake frosting and are absolutely to-die-for.  Know which ones I'm talking about?  favorite thing ever.
2. Wheat thins and cottage cheese
3. Chips with mango salsa
4. Cookie dough, straight out of the tube.
5. There are not many things more delectable than a good raspberry tart from a cute little French bakery. (or a cute little fake French bakery, seeing as I've never been to France, or anywhere close for that matter.)

5 Things That I Will Do When I Become a Billionaire:
1. Design and build a custom home. 
2. Buy the entire store of Anthropology. and then cover my house and my body with it.
3. Hire a professional photographer to capture everything, and then blow up so many pictures in frames for my walls that you'd hardly know the color of the room.
4. Lauren, I'm with you on the personal trainer thing. brilliant- i mean i gotta fit into all my fabulous new anthropology clothes right?
5. Travel my life away.

5 Places I've Lived:
1. Los Angeles, CA
2. Fort Wayne, IN
3. Encinitas/Cardiff, CA
4. Guadalajara, Mexico
5. Laie, HI (can I count it if it was short-lived? i'm countin it.)

5 Things People Don't Know About Me:
1. my first official kiss was with Aaron Carter. no, not AN Aaron Carter, but THE Aaron Carter. no joke. contain the jealousy.
2. i once peed my pants in a Nordstrom dressing room while trying on lingerie. I was in jr. high, but still... it was pretty bad. once again, contain the jealousy.
3. I wish SO bad that I had been born black.  okay wait, everyone knows that.
4. Even though I know I come off as really cool and smooth and popular and classy and glamourous, I'm actually a dork.
5. When I was 8, I did a pretty sweet replica of a Van Gogh, and a lady totally wanted to buy it from me.  Never have I ever had a prouder moment since. Nor have I ever earned that much money since... 

5 People I'm Tagging:
1-4. I am skeptical that there are even 5 people who read my blog in the first place, and I think 2 of the people who actually do have already been tagged... so...
5. Abigail Robinson.  mwah ha ha! now you actually have to update your blog!!!

Good night finally,


Emma said...

carly! we opt that you write a blog on kissing aaron carter. what??? is this true? if it is, why don't i know that? and if it's not, you suck because i wrote this and fell for it.

Emma said...

by we i mean cami and i. plus, now you have two comments!

Carly said...

emma, it is true... and i'll write a blog soon. i just gotta keep you in suspense for a little...

Annie said...

I'm a reader of your blog now too. The numbers are stacking up, babe!

Olivia said...

You would kiss Aaron Carter.

priscilla said...

I agree with Emma. Please. I NEED to know!

Lauren Kay said...

Ok, that last comment. Definitely NOT Priscilla, but me, Lauren. How and why Priscilla was on my computer but I'll find out soon. But Priscilla's not the type to want to know all about Aaron Carter...

keester said...

hooray!!!! i found your blog!!! (this is kirsten by the way). i love it. all of it.