Friday, May 23, 2008

Peace, Love, and Tiki Torches...

While spending a very speedy weekend in Oregon for Michelle's wedding, I got a bad case of wedding-planning-itis.  Other than the typical loud aunt who screamed with laughter during the toast (at things that were not meant to be funny) and a picture-taking uncle who didn't get the not-so-subtle hints from the hired photographer that he should stop with the whole "stand-behind-the-photographer-and-steal-all-the-pictures-with-your-own-camera" routine, it was a very beautiful wedding.  But we probably spent a good 10 hours solid discussing our OWN plans and that is what really got me goin... so here are some dreams of my own: reception on the beach, everyone barefoot, at sunset, tiki torches like at Turtle Bay in Oahu, and maybe not even have any "colors" except for off-white and super light colors that almost look white (not sure about that whole color part yet).  And I decided I want to start with food and a nice quiet reception but then have a dance... a good one.  A very good one. On the beach.  With tiki torches. Lots of love and tikis. Is that too much to ask for? I'll see you all there.


Stephanie said...

Hey, don't my comments count? Luke and I just spent quality time reading your blogs, missing you and cracking up. You are vewy, vewy, cleva ,funny girl. You get that from me. lol
Love ya,