Sunday, February 27, 2011


{this is from way back in September, but I want to play a little catch up so that this can still serve as a kind of journal for me}

With Momma G making the half-century leap, I absolutely HAD to go back to San Diego and party with her for a few days. I mean, really, what kind of daughter would I be if I wasn't willing to spend the weekend in Encinitas, getting massages at the spa, staying up late with drinks and cheeses, and playing sequence all night? We all have to make sacrifices for those that we love.
  My grandma and mom had a shared birthday brunch at the Ocean House, followed by the always classy "Boomers" family fun center for an extremely competitive round of putt-putt golf. 
Grandma's a cheater.
And I threw a small dinner party for my mom with some [sub-par, unfortunately] live music and cuisine in La Jolla with some of her good friends.
I am such a good daughter to put up with so much misery only to please my mother. ;) 

The hardest part was saying goodbye after a weekend of much needed girl bonding... I mean it's not everyday I get to stay up until 3am chatting on the living room floor with a mom that lives an entire continent away. I wish I could do it again today. 

I think I'll go check flights......