Sunday, November 15, 2009


Halloween snuck up on me this year, and as such I found myself absolutely costume-less about an hour before the night's festivities began. SOOOO, the party that my group of friends planned to go to was The Seven Deadly Sins and I thought that everyone would be finding different unique ways of showing the seven sins. I decided to do vanity (to which Skylar said, "oh thats fitting!" haha thanks?) After chatting with Sky about last minute ways to pull this off, I thought that this could be a clever way of doing something in the few minutes of preparation that I had:
{left to right: pride—she had peacock feathers and other things, envy, the angel to help people overcome their sins, wrath, and vanity}

I showed up to the party where NObody was dressed to theme and I've never been asked what I am so many times. There is just something disheartening about having to explain your lame excuse of a costume a million times over to people you are just meeting.

Oh and on the way home on the subway, there were two guys dressed as Mormon missionaries making out and yelling things about Mormons. Goooood times.


Angie said...

Klane and I dressed as "Yin" and "Yang" in a moment of desperation five minutes before leaving for a costume party. He dressed in black and put a white dot on his shirt, I dressed in white and put a black dot on my shirt. My black dot fell off halfway through the party. But even before that happened, we had to explain our costume over and over. How annoying. I actually think yours is a good idea, it makes sense. Especially for a themed party, hello? People are dumb.

And I'm way grossed out about the missionary couple... I'm glad I didn't see that, I think it would've ruined my week. Yuck!

Angie said...

P.S. WHERE did you get your boots? Seriously. Please comment me back. I love them.

Lauren Kay said...

I got your costume right away! Great way to do the theme! And, I can't believe people weren't dressed up. It's Halloween people! At least you went with people that dressed up. I feel like I need to start a count down till you coming to visit. T-Minus 10 days? (or 11?) Also, my roommate is letting us use her car when she's gone! Hallelujah!