Saturday, July 25, 2009


Most false expectation: I thought this would be the hottest summer of my life, but it has by far been the coldest. I very rarely can go out without a sweater and it's almost AUGUST!
Most embarrassing moment: Walking over crates and pulling a Marilyn Monroe every time. Unfortunately I look more like a screaming train wreck rather than a model.
Biggest pet peeve: Walking in Times Square everyday... I consider knocking people out of my way daily.
Best part of the day: Walking home from work in the evening with my ipod in and not having any reason to rush.
Best music to listen to on the subway: The Weepies
New favorite show: The Bachelorette
Favorite pizza place: Monetti's on 42nd and 8th Ave... try it!
Favorite spot: On the Hudson river just south of the World Financial Center (great view of Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, and the river... especially at sunset)
Hardest thing for me: Never being outside during the day

Coolest thing about my internship: We work directly with people who are FAR above us, not only with the other interns, so I've been learning a lot from being able to watch them and get feedback from them.
The one reason I want to vent about New Yorkers: They think that they are the center of the world, so they think that anyone who hasn't had the same experiences as them is totally ignorant... yet they haven't heard of anything west of New Jersey other than LA, Hollywood, and Las Vegas. (hehe, do I sound bitter?)
Thing I can't imagine life without anymore: the subway system... i LOVE it.
People I do a good job of keeping in touch with: no one. Finding time to call people is soooo hard here!
I can't think of anything else to list. If you have something you want to know, ask in a comment!


Angie said...

Oooh this is a good list! I agree with many things and I am so sorry you have to walt through Times Sq every day. I feel your pain, I hate that place!