Sunday, July 5, 2009


After spending the day in Long Island at Jones' Beach (see previous post), Todd, Casey, and I met up to watch the fireworks over the Hudson River. Photobucket (notice Todd's shirt, which earned him two free Pinkberry yogurts when a male cashier apparently found him quite appealing. I was pretty jealous, since I had to pay 6 dollars for mine.) We lucked out because we chose a street to walk down that must have been opened up right before we got there, because we casually walked all the way to 12th Ave, the road right along the river, with about 6 rows of people ahead of us, and within like 5 minutes we saw this many people piled in behind us:PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket It was the perfect summer day and I loved to see the sun for once AND be at the beach! It was just what the doctor ordered.


Annie said...

Your 4th sounded like it was so fun. I'm leaving my comment mark here. Love your blog updates, Car! Miss you girl!