Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I've taken a bit to get around to blogging about it, but last weekend Brad and I flew to Texas and had the greatest little vacay.  Who knew... I LOVE Texas!  

Lots of trees and sunshine= Happy Carly. 

We started in San Antonio where we stayed in a brand new Grand Hyatt right on the famous Riverwalk.
We took a boat tour down the beautiful Riverwalk and ate at some fun restaurants, got attacked by birds (I'm still not sure why that bird decided to fly straight at my face), listened to live music, and saw where Miss Congeniality was filmed.
Cathryn and Alex, Brad's little sister and brother-in-law, were the perfect hosts the entire weekend.  I. love. them.


Lauren Kay said...

Aw! That sounds so fun! And I love Cathryn too!

Cathryn and Alex said...

Yay! I love that you love us! We love you guys too...We had more people stay over at our house last night and I tried to fix the toilet-you were not joking with the sand! Needless to say, I decided to not fix it just to keep some sand from our trip in our guest bathroom's toilet as a keep sake...