Sunday, October 12, 2008

Advertising is Running (not ruining) my Life!

I've already been working with a plethora of really cool clients this year, and I am not for a minute taking that for granted, but COME ON, PEOPLE! There are only so many hours in a day! These hours have been creeping over into my nights and stealing away those hours too just for kicks lately. I can count the amount of days that I've gone to bed before 3am this semester on my hands- and one particular night, when I was making some ads for a class assignment (not a real client, just a project... how are we expected to give school any kind of priority when Nike is on the other line?) I stayed up the entire night working on a collection of 3 poster advertisements when POOF! they were gone. 9am, after never going to sleep, and all of my night's products went flittering gayly out the window. I'm not sure which loss was worse, my project or my sanity, but I had about 2 hours before class, so I sat right back down and started over. Although they were disappointingly yet understandably not as detailed and cool as the first versions, here are the 3 that i ended up with:

Sorry you can't see them very well... I couldn't get them any bigger. Also, FYI, I'm working on being chosen as one of the top 5 research teams in BYU in the International Loreal Brandstorm competition (out of about 70 teams) so that I have a chance to present to Loreal, win first out of those 5, and then go to the National competition in NY... and then of course to internationals in Paris... I dream big, so sue me. But be praying for me!


Aqua Woman said...

Dream Big or go home lovely lady! Keep up the good work. I'm really excited for you! I think I'm gonna live a bit through you!

Emma said...

it always seems like a choice between sanity and sleep.

good luck!